How To Scrap Your Car in Perth for Cash?

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Why face the difficulties of scrapping a car when there are removal companies like Western Metal Recycling in Perth? By our name, you may think that we are a company that collects bulk scrap metals that are torn apart. Like the precious metals in a catalytic converter, copper wiring, etc. Think again. We are the solution for getting cash for your scrap car.

Western Metal Recycling buys scrap cars & trucks, paying cash to the owners. We are a Scrap Metal Recycling company that buys ferrous and non-ferrous metals, so your scrap car is right up our alley. And, unlike other removal companies in Perth, we do not require that you first dismantle the car like remove the tyres, drain its fluids, etc. We complete the task for you.

When you have a scrap car or truck that you would like to sell, the selling process is quick and simple at Western Metal Recycling. We provide scrap car owners with quotes over the phone and online, so within minutes you have a price for your scrap car, knowing whether you'd like to accept our quote, reject it, or think it over for a few days as you shop around other local car removal companies.

Like we said earlier, when we buy your scrap car, we buy it to recycle; and, our recyclers are among the best in the business. Your scrap car will be dismantled with all hazardous materials properly contained and disposed of, and the remainder of the car will be recycled. With this process, you get the most cash from your cars disposal.

We have designed a process to sell your car that is so quick and simple. One that starts with a phone call for a quote, and is completed within three easy steps.

  • Contact us for a quote. Have the make, model, year, and a complete description of your car or truck to provide our appraiser.
  • Accept the quote, think it over, or flat out reject it.
  • Schedule a free car pick up in Perth. We provide Same Day Scrap Car Removals anywhere in Perth, so you decide when you have the time to have us put the cash for your scrap car in your hand.

With Western Metal Recycling, selling your scrap car is that simple. Call us for a quote, and we'll make you a cash offer for your car. Call us at 0415 227 955.

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