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Scrap Metal

1. Do you pay in cash for scrap metal?

Ans: Yes! Western Metal Recycling pays the highest price for scrap metal. They can include metals like copper, aluminium, etc.

2. Can you arrange pick up for the scrap metal?

Ans: Absolutely. Western Metal Recycling can collect your scrap metal from you at a time that is most convenient to you. Just call us and set an appointment. We'll come over and take it off your hands in no time.

3. How much will I be paid for my scrap metal?

Ans: Scrap metal prices change constantly. It also depends upon the grade of scrap metal. Therefore, it is best if we appraise the scrap metal in person. However, we can offer you a rough estimation on our "Instant Quote" tab on our website.

4. What will happen to the scrap after I've sold it to you?

Ans: We recycle the scrap metal. This helps in reducing mining and has a positive impact on the environment. We remove impurities from the scrap metal and it is then recycled into new product.

Car, Truck and 4WD Recycling

1. What benefit is there in recycling auto parts?

Ans: Recycled auto parts are eco-friendly and can end up saving you money, as much as 50% savings. Recycling auto parts also mean that lesser new parts need to be manufactured, which has a better impact on our environment.

2. Do I need to provide any documents before you can buy my car/truck/4WD?

Ans: Yes! Due to Australian laws, we require vehicle title and identification papers from you so we can proceed with the deal. It is to ensure that the whole process is legal.

3. How will you offer me an estimation?

Ans: When you make an appointment with us, our expert members will come over to discuss all details of your car with you as well as looking over your vehicle. After appraisal, we will make a top dollar cash offer to you.

Machinery Recycling

1. Which areas do you provide this service in?

Ans: We service all the Wheatbelt, including Toodyay, Gingin and Northan. We accept all kind of machinery, working or not. Western Metal Recycling will pay you in cash for your unwanted machinery at the spot.

2. What kind of machinery is accepted?

Ans: We take all kinds of machinery, like steam tractors, portable engines and threshing machines. You can reach out to us at 0415 227 955 if you still have any confusion regarding selling your machinery for recycling.

Cash For Cars

1. Will having my car evaluated cost me anything?

Ans: We evaluate your car for cash at no cost. There is no pressure from us towards you to sell your car if we give you an estimation. Western Metal Recycling has been around for years and has established itself as a trustworthy, reputable cash for car company in Perth region.

2. How long will it take for me to get my payment once I sell my car for cash to Western Metal Recycling?

Ans: The good news is that we offer top dollar amount for your vehicle right on the spot! Yes, that means once you accept our cash offer and sign the required documents, you get paid right on the spot, up to $10,000.

3. Why shouldn't I sell my car privately?

Ans: You can sell your car privately, however there are many risk factors you should be aware of. There are increased chances of risk, fraud, and more hassle to try and sell privately. You also need to take care of everything yourself. By selling your old car for cash to Western Metal Recycling, you get paid the best amount for your vehicle, and we come pick it up from you. We also take care of all paperwork, so you have nothing to worry about with us.

4. 4. How long does it take to sell my car for cash to you?

Ans: On the day of the appointment, it should take no more than 5 minutes, tops. Our experts will take care of everything. So, don't forget to call us at 0415 227 995 to book your slot today.

Car Wrecking

1. What vehicles do you buy for car wrecking?

Ans: Western Metal Recycling will accept all kinds of vehicles, of any make, brand, model, year, or condition. It does not affect us, we will buy them all and pay you cash for it at the best price possible.

2. What will happen to my car after I sell it?

Ans: All scrap cars are recycled in an eco-friendly manner. We ensure to recycle all parts and metal as much as possible so that minimal amounts end up in landfills.

Didn�t find the answer to your questions here? Don�t worry, our staff is dedicated to answering all your queries, just call us at 0415 227 995 for further information.

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