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Perth Car Wreckers

Car wrecking is basically defined as the process of wrecking a car that is not considered useful anymore. This is done for the sake of recycling body parts as well as any metal that can be pulled from the body of the car. Whenever a car has been damaged beyond repair or is considered not worth the repairs anymore, many people give such cars up for wrecking at a junkyard or such. Although, lately car wrecking has earned a bad name due to junkyards not paying enough for the vehicles that they buy. Moreover, substandard car wrecking services that are available at junkyards require a lot of input from your side, and in exchange they give you only a couple of hundred bucks for a vehicle that can be recycled almost up to 75%, in any condition.

That�s not the case here at Western Metal Recycling. We are your go-to car wreckers if you are anywhere in the Perth region. What sets us apart from other car wreckers, is the distance we go to make the life of our clients as easy as possible, in case they want to do business with us. We can pick your vehicle up for wrecking, completely free of cost from anywhere in Perth.

Additionally, the make, model and year of your vehicle is almost irrelevant to us when you want to wreck a vehicle with us.

Why Choose Us?

Cars Wrecking

Admittedly, there are a lot of options in case you want to find a car wrecker in Perth. But, that does not mean that all of them are as good as we are at it. At Western Metal Recycling, we strive to go the extra mile so that our clients are satisfied with our services. Below are some of the main reasons why our car wrecking is better than most in Perth.

  • 1. Free Car Removal

  • If you decide to wreck a car with us, you don�t have to worry about towing or pay any charges for moving your vehicle to our impound. Our car wrecking services include a free car removal service from anywhere in Perth. Moreover, you can pick a time of your choice for when your car should be picked up from your said location in Perth. Our tow trucks are on-call 24/7 so it shouldn�t be a problem.

  • 2. Top Dollar Payout

  • Unlike many car wreckers, we believe in paying our customers a fair price for their vehicles. Depending on the vehicle, we can pay up to $10,000 in cash, on the spot! A good payout for the client encourages them to wreck their unwanted vehicles and contribute towards the betterment of the environment as well.

  • 3. Eco-Friendly Car Wreckers

  • Just like you, we are also based in Perth and we want to make it a better place for everyone to live in. That is why, our wrecking yards are equipped with state-of-the-art tech to make sure the wrecking process is completely in line with the government�s green agencies.

To avail one of the best car wrecking services in Perth, call us today or fill an online form. With some information about the vehicle you want to wreck, we can offer you a price for it and then pick it up from your location at a time of your choice! Car wrecking doesn�t get easier and better than this. For more information or to wreck a car with us, call us right now at 0415 227 955.

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