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Selling a car, or looking for quality used auto parts, Western Metal Recycling Golden Bay is your source for your auto needs. We buy every type of vehicle of any condition. All parts are tested and certified for quality and longevity by our mechanics that replenish and add to our stock daily

Western Metal Recycling Pays Cash for Cars Golden Bay�

Car sellers with any condition of a car can find the value of their vehicle at Western Metal Recycling. We valuate & buy cars of every make and condition, maximising the value of vehicles by eliminating sellers' selling costs while offering reasonable prices for all makes and conditions of vehicles. Car valuations are provided over the phone and online. We add to the value of the sale of vehicles by providing our customers with free car removals Golden Bay, as well as any dismantling and recycling services that may be required to get cash for the cars.�

Buy Quality Secondhand Parts Golden Bay�At Budget Prices

Western Metal Recycling buys vehicles to pull & recondition parts to provide quality used parts that genuinely do offer value for money. A deal on auto parts is nothing but expense if the used car parts lack quality and longevity. Our stock is first-rate, thoroughly tested and certified, and offered at bargain discounts.�

Our stock of quality secondhand parts includes: �

  • Used Engines
  • Alternators
  • Starters�
  • Drivetrain components
  • Rear ends�
  • Transmissions�
  • Brake parts and suspensions�
  • Front subframes
  • Body parts�
  • Drivebelts
  • Front clips�
  • Radiators�

We stock parts for foreign and domestic vehicles, including hard to find and obsolete parts. If we don't have the parts you are looking for; we will help to locate quality used auto parts.

Get cash for cars garden island & quality�used auto parts. Call us at 0415 227 955.

Experienced Car Wreckers Golden Bay�� For A Hassle-free Car Wrecking Experience

The experience of a car wrecker Golden Bay makes a difference in the value you will receive for your vehicle. Experience spans far beyond dismantling vehicles. Wreckers Golden Bay must also have the experience in reconditioning parts and the knowledge to prep cars for recycling. Car wreckers that pull a few working parts and that's the end of the dismantling of the vehicle will not pay the full value of a vehicle. Western Metal Recycling has the experience to pull parts, recondition parts, and recycle scrap metals from vehicles. With us, you get top cash for cars.�

Sales & Services Golden Bay�� First-Class Service Is What You Can Expect from Us

Western Metal Recycling is a source for Golden Bay car owners that require quality used car parts or would like to sell their cars with ease. We are an established recycler that is trusted, and one that vehicles owners can rely on for services designed around their auto and scrap needs:� Cash for cars Golden Bay - Free car valuations, free car & scrap car removals Golden Bay, and cash paid at the time of the removal. That's how we maximise the value of your car sell.� Quality used car parts Golden Bay - Tested, certified, and plenty of life at a fraction of the cost. Western Metal Recycling is your source for genuine car parts

Get Cash for Cars Golden Bay

Western Metal Recycling instant cash for car payments are easily obtained. Contact us at the number below or fill out our online "Enquiry" form at the top right of this page.

For a quality selection of car parts, visit our yard, or contact us at the number below�

Call us at 0415 227 955

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