Truck & 4WD Recycling & Removal

We buy and recycle all major car makes and models

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Truck Recycling Perth - FREE PICKUP

Western Metal Recycling offer Western Australia's Best Cash for Truck Services.They say one man�s trash is another man�s treasure and this is what makes recycling business a happy deal for everyone. You think your truck is a piece of junk? Let us show you how richer it can make you!

Your unwanted trucks are our treasure and that is why we offer the best price rates in all the Perth. You heard that right� Western Metal Recycling offers Western Australia's Best Cash for Truck Services.

If you have an old or unwanted truck we offer instant cash payments. Our team services all suburbs from Bunbury to Yanchep and offer a FREE collection service 7 days per week.

Trucks, Utes, Vans, 4WD's we remove and recycle any vehile working or not.



We buy old damaged cars at the best price

We remove all type of car brands such as: Japanese, Korean, Malaysians, and these include Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Subaru, Mazda, BMW and more. Please note that we do not buy parts of the vehicle, we only remove/buy unwanted cars.

For free collection please contact us today and make sure you have the following ID ready and remove any belonging from your car before we arrive to remove your car;

  • 1. Proof of Photo ID (License/Passport)
  • 2. Proof of Ownership
  • 3. Clear Access for Towing
  • 4. Remove the Number Plate

We cater to a wide range of areas of Perth. No matter where you are, Western Metal Recycling will reach to you!

Work with the experts of Perth

Our team is highly skilled and well equipped and one of the most experienced in Perth. An added bonus is that they�re also very friendly! Our experts will give you the best customer service and happily oblige to arrange a convenient time to collect your vehicle.

From the first call to the truck removal, you will be dealt with honest, integrity and best professionalism. All of our employees are experts in what they do and have years of experience in the car industry. You have a question? You won�t see a frown on our faces as we rush to answer all your queries.

It is no joke that we recycle over 800 vehicles every single month � a record unmatched in Western Australia. Why not make your truck or 4WD a part of this growing fleet too?

Thanks to our heavy loading vehicles, we are able to offer FREE vehicle removals regardless of their size. Old and unwanted 4WD? You are welcome to call us at 0415 227 955. Scrap and rusted truck? Just dial our digits or contact us via our website and consider your truck sold!

The truck and 4WD recycling process is extremely simple and straightforward. Dial our number, give us a description and be ready to get the vehicle removed at a time and location of your convenient. Make easy cash and invest it in something newer � let�s say cryptocurrency? No matter where you want to invest that money, Western Metal Recycling will make sure you get it right there on the spot.

Dial 0415 227 955 and start the recycling process with Western Metal Recycling for 4WD and Trucks in Perth.

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