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Did you know that Western Metal Recycling also recyclers farming equipment and machinery? We service all of the Wheatbelt including Toodyay, Gingin and Northan

After waiting for months, you harvest is finally here. But while you are being awarded for all of your hard work, there is bound to be some scrap metal items as a result. While you are clearing up your farm, why not clear your metal and machinery too?

Western Metal Recycling is an expert machinery recycler that offers the best value for your unwanted and scrap machinery or metal. While you might consider it junk, let us surprise you by the value of these broken and rusted parts that could make you richer in an instant. Bonus? You also get to have more space and a clean and healthy environment.

It doesn�t matter if your farming equipment works or not � Western Metal Recycling will still offer instant cash and a state wide collection service. Call us now 0415 227 955 and avail our convenient and hassle free recycling offers!

Regardless if your farming equipment works or not we still offer instant cash and a statewide collection service. Call us now 0415 227 955

Why Call Western Metal Recycling For Farming equipment removal?

Machinery Recycling
Apart from disposing off your old vehicles in an eco friendly way, we buy all makes and models of a wide variety of automobile companies like Toyota, Ford, Honda, Nissan and many more. This gives us experience in recycling different types of metal and equipment.

We offer our clients in Perth a free no obligation quote so you can decide for yourself if our offer is perfect for you or not. Our services include same day pickup anywhere in Perth. We handle the whole process so you can have peace of mind and do not have to waste any time in trying to get rid of your old car or old machinery. Do not let your old equipment rust away when you can be getting some money out of it instead.

Here�s why you should choose Western Metal Recycling for Machinery Recycling!

Best Price Guaranteed

As one of the largest vehcile recyclers in Perth we can offer our clients the best possible cash rates - all paid on the spot!

Free Collection Service

Our car collection service is a completely 100% free service and available 7 daysthroughout Perth.

All Makes & Models

Western Metal Recycling accepts all types of equipment and machinery, no matter how old your car is we will still accept it in any condition


We accept all kind of machinery for recycling. Some of the farm machinery that makes for great scrap and gives huge returns in cash includes:

  • Reapers
  • Reaper-binders
  • Portable engines
  • Ploughing engines
  • Traction engines
  • Steam tractors
  • Agricultural engines
  • Hog oilers
  • Flails
  • Threshing machines
  • Winnowing machines
  • Drag harrows

But that is not the end of it. We can take care of whatever kind of metal or machinery that you may have. Just dial 0415 227 955 and talk to our experts about your scrap metal. Receive our quote and have us at your location at a time of your convenience. After all, one man�s trash is another�s treasure! We offer instant cash for your damaged cars

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