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Western Metal Recycling offers cash for cars, car recycling and a massive selection of used auto parts. Our stock is one you can rely on to provide you with the foreign and domestic auto parts that are the quality that lasts. Our used stock are priced to fit the pocketbook, offering value for money.

  • Cash for Cars Waikiki�
  • Free car removals
  • Quality used auto parts

Western Metal Recycling Pays Cash for Cars Waikiki � Get Same-day Car Sale & Instant Cash Payments

Western Metal Recycling pays cash for cars Waikiki. We buy all makes for all types of purposes. We purchase old cars for obsolete and hard to find parts; damaged cars to recondition engines, as well as pull parts in working condition, and scrap cars to recycle metals. With us, you have a buyer for your used, scrap, damaged, or old vehicle. We leave nothing out, offering instant cash payments and free car removals in Waikiki.�

Quality Used Auto Parts Waikiki � 100% Genuine Car Parts for Sale

Foreign or domestic parts, Western Metal Recycling, has the selection of used auto parts for those DIY engine repairs. We are cash car buyers that part out vehicles, allowing us to offer a massive selection of secondhand parts. All parts are tested and certified to ensure they offer the value in secondhand parts that Western Metal Recycling is known for. We offer value for money, offering discounted used auto parts that last.

There's more than one way to shop at Western Metal Recycling for the parts you require. We service our customers over the phone, online, and in our yard. Contact us for auto body parts, electrical parts, used engines, and engine parts

Get cash for cars Waikiki & secondhand parts - Call 0415 227 955.

Car Wreckers Waikiki � We Are Reliable, Prompt & Experienced

Car wreckers like Western Metal Recycling get the maximum value from vehicles. Wrecking is no amateur business; and, the experience of the car wreckers will be the difference in the value for the vehicles the car owners receive. Our car wreckers are experienced with the proper tools and equipment to dismantle all types of vehicles. With the expertise of Western Metal Recycling car wreckers, car owners get top cash for cars as well as enjoy a full stock of quality used auto parts Waikiki.

  • We have the auto body parts that will have your vehicle back to its new appearance.�
  • We have the electrical car parts for all systems of foreign and domestic vehicles
  • We have the selection of used engines and engine parts to keep the engines at top performance
  • We have the car wreckers that build an excellent stock of quality used parts

We Are Here to Help You

Western Metal Recycling is here to help car owners selling their cars, as well as the DIY mechanics looking for quality auto parts. Our auto and parts specialists are the best in their trade, helping our customers with all the issues. Need help finding a part, they are on it. Need help troubleshooting your engine problems. They know engines and their flair ups and major breakdowns. Interested in a cash quote for your used to scrap condition vehicle. Our appraisers will provide the best possible offer. We are here to provide our customers with exceptional services, such as:

  • Sell cars Waikiki�
  • Buy quality used parts that offer value for money
  • Sell scrap metals for cash

Contact Us

Western Metal Recycling is available at the number below. To provide part checks, ordering, as well as offer cash for cars quotes. To reach out to us online, please complete our online "Enquiry" form at the top right of this page. With Western Metal, you have auto specialists you can rely on for your auto needs.

Call us at 0415 227 955

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