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Looking for auto parts for DIY mechanic repairs that offer quality and endurance? Perhaps, trying to find a wrecker that will pay top cash for cars? Western Metal Recycling is here. We buy cars and sell used auto parts that are tested and certified. We service Shoalwater with everything they could require for their auto needs:

  • Cash for cars Shoalwater�
  • Quality secondhand parts Shoalwater

Western Metal Recycling Pays Cash for Cars Shoalwater � Enjoy Free Car Removal and Same-day Car Sale With Us

We may be recyclers, but we are also leading cash car buyer in Shoalwater. We are in the scrapping business to wreck and recycle vehicles, so car, truck, van, SUV, 4x4, and bus owners have the top cash car buyer for their used, wrecked, damaged, old, and scrap cars. As the wrecking yard with a full fleet of tow trucks, car sellers have no concerns about the costs to have their vehicles removed. We include car removals Shoalwater with the purchase of all vehicles. Contact us and your car can be sold over the phone or online.

We Have A Quality Selection of Used Auto Parts Shoalwater

The quality of used auto parts makes the difference between value or a waste of money when purchasing replacement parts. Your parts selection at Western Metal Recycling offers the value that makes purchasing used auto parts real savings. Our massive stock is tested & certified to ensure that each part is at its top performance and offers plenty of life. DIY mechanics can quickly locate their parts in our well-organized yard or be assisted over the phone or online. With Western Metal Recycling, we have the stock in secondhand parts that offers value for money.�

Car, truck, 4x4, van, SUV, and bus parts inventory:

  • Auto body parts�
  • Electrical parts
  • Engines & engine parts

Cash for cars Shoalwater & secondhand parts - Call 0415 227 955.

Car Wreckers Shoalwater That Have the Experience To Dismantle Your Vehicle for The Most Cash

The car wreckers at Western Metal Recycling stand for excellence. Our car wreckers are experienced and skilled with years of doing what they do- dismantling vehicles. With the technology and tools in our salvage yard, they are the best at what they do. We wreck cars of every type, make, and condition. Our car wreckers are reliable for getting the most cash for any type & condition of car regardless of their conditions. Dismantling hundreds of vehicles monthly, we have the stock in quality used auto parts for DIY mechanic engine repairs for all types, makes, and models of vehicles.

  • Find quality used car parts�
  • Find obsolete car parts
  • Find hard to find car parts

We stock them all!

Check Stock - Have Our Auto Specialists Help You Troubleshoot Your Engine Problems

Our auto specialists have the experience in engine repairs to locate problems of all types of engines quickly. The assistance they offer is second to none. Car owners can contact us for troubleshooting help or to check stock for a part. Car owners that visit our yard will find a neat and organised yard that allows them to quickly locate the parts they require for their DIY engine repairs.

As cash car buyers, our inventory is well stocked with auto body parts, electrical parts, and engine parts, as well as used engines. All of our inventory offered to the public is tested and certified to ensure quality auto parts that last.

Ready to Get Cash for Cars Shoalwater?

Call Western Metal Recycling for a cash for cars offer at 0415 227 955

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