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Western Metal Recycling services Safety Bay with auto specialties to keep your car running, as well as to get it sold. We are a professional used auto parts seller as well as a�car buyer for any condition of a vehicle. Contact us to help you with your auto needs.

Call Western Metal Recycling at 0415 227 955

Get Cash for Cars Safety Bay with Western Metal Recycling

Whether the car is wrecked, damaged or dinged, we�ll buy it. We are cash car buyers in Safety Bay that pay top cash for cars. Car sellers can rely on the "extras" they require for a convenient car sale with us. We are cash for cars buyers that offer easy to obtain cash offers over the phone and online. We design our services to be provided around our customers' busy days. That's how we offer convenient car removals Safety Bay for any make and condition of vehicle.


  • Free car valuations online and over the phone
  • Free car removals Safety Bay
  • Instant cash for cars
  • Free car wreckers & recycling

We Sell Quality Used Auto Parts Safety Bay

Western Metal Recycling is a used auto parts dealer. Our massive inventory is comprised of parts from vehicles we purchase, pulling parts and reconditioning them to top performance for the best selection in quality used auto parts Safety Bay. All auto body, electrical, and engine parts are thoroughly tested and certified to ensure value for money. Get used car parts that last. Contact Western Metal Recycling. If you've looked all over town for parts that are now obsolete, give us a call. We likely have them in stock. If not, we will help you to locate the parts.

Get Cash for Cars Safety Bay & Quality Used Auto Parts - Call 0415 227 955.

Western Metal Recycling Car Wreckers Safety Bay � Free Car Wrecking Services

Car wreckers that know their business get more value from vehicles. Western Metal Recycling car wreckers Safety Bay know their business. Aside from our skills, we also have the tools necessary to put our skills to work. We are car wreckers that dismantle vehicles of every make and condition, paying cash for parts we pull, as well as the recycling of the metals.

Your Auto Professional Team

Western Metal Recycling is an auto professional team in Safety Bay that provides outstanding services to auto owners.Our parts warehouse is neatly organised and one where our customers can find the help they require to troubleshoot engine issues, just as to locate parts.

Western Metal Recycling massive stock of used auto parts is one that allows vehicle owners the assurance of the parts they need for their DIY engine repairs.

We also house auto specialists, including appraisers to purchase used and damaged vehicles. Our car buyers provide easy to obtain cash for cars offers over the phone and online.

For your auto parts needs, or to get your car sold quickly, contact our specialists at Western Metal Recycling. We are the team that works for you.

Contact us at the number below or fill out our online enquiry form at the top right of this page.

Call us at 0415 227 955

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