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Auto Parts Salvage Yard - We Buy Cars for Cash

We are your source to sell cars and your source for quality used secondhand parts. Western Metal Recycling is your auto specialist.

At Western Metal Recycling, the service we provide to our customers is a priority. We are dedicated to providing an outstanding selection of used auto parts Karnup. As a leading car buyer, the majority of our used parts selection is from cars, trucks, SUVs, 4x4s, buses, and vans that we purchase. With our sales and services, car owners and car sellers can expect some of the best deals they can imagine. To sell your car, or check our massive secondhand parts stock for engine parts, contact us.

Get Cash for Cars Karnup � Along with Free Car Removal, Instant Cash Payment & Free Paperwork

Western Metal Recycling buys vehicles to pull parts. We buy all makes and conditions, guaranteeing to offer top cash for cars Karnup. Car sellers get a fair deal as we value their cars on more than wholesale market value. We value their cars for the various working parts we will pull to recondition and resale, and the metals of their vehicles. We are the ideal way to get cars sold that are wrecked, old, scrap, and damaged conditions when you want cash quickly & easily. We provide valuations over the phone and online, so find out what your car or truck is worth today. �

Quality Used Auto Parts Karnup - Get Spectacular Prices on Secondhand Parts

Western Metal Recycling buys cars of every brand to pull and recondition parts, providing car owners with a massive selection of quality used auto parts Karnup. All parts are reconditioned and thoroughly tested to ensure we are selling quality parts that will endure the distance that provides car owners with value for money in used car parts. All parts are also certified, so you can rely on the quality of secondhand parts that Western Metal Recycling provides to the car, truck, van, 4x4, SUV, and bus owners. Our massive inventory of quality used parts includes

  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • Used Engine�
  • Drivetrain components
  • Rear ends�
  • Transmissions�
  • Brake parts and suspensions�
  • Front subframes
  • Body parts�
  • Drivebelts
  • Front clips�
  • Radiators�

If there are parts you need, and we don't have them in our inventory, we will help to locate the parts

Get Cash for Cars Karnup & Quality Secondhand Parts - Call 0415 227 955.

Skilled Car Wreckers Karnup

The talent and skills of your car wreckers, just as the equipment and salvage yard of the car wreckers is essential when selling cars or looking for secondhand parts. Experience matters. Western Metal Recycling has the experienced auto wreckers and a salvage yard filled with top of the line equipment that makes a difference. We pay top cash for cars and sell only quality auto parts. With our car wreckers Karnup, you can rely on quality sales and services for vehicles & parts.

Cash for Car Sales & Services Karnup

Our team is top notch. We are the auto experts you can depend on for your auto needs. We have designed our business to cater to the needs of car owners and sellers, as well as scrap collectors & buyers. We pay cash for cars, have a massive stock of quality secondhand parts, and recycle & sell scrap. With us, you have your services met conveniently online, over the phone, or at our salvage yard.

Have Your Car Valuated � Get Instant Car Valuations

To get a quote offer for your vehicle contact us at the number below or complete our "Enquiry" form at the top right of this page.

Call us at 0415 227 955

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