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Don�t Holden it in - Get it wrecked with Western Metal Recycling Perth

When cars reach the end of their useful life, they begin to ask for more attention and money than you can afford to give. They consume more fuel even when you are travelling for very short distances and often end up stopping and not restarting halfway through your journey. They also get problems like engine seizures and overheating.

If your Holden Monaro, Pontiac GTO or G8 or maybe even a Holden Commodore or Brougham are no longer of use to you and have become a liability then it is time to let them go. Western Metal Recycling accepts all Holden models, old or new regardless of their condition.

We pay top dollars, up to $10000, for cars and their spare parts. We even buy cars that are in wrecked or scrap condition. Western Metal Recycling stock a wide range of used car parts in Perth. All second-hand car parts are removed and tested and come with an exchange warranty. Any unwanted, damaged cars that are no longer road worthy can be sold to us. We salvage the genuine working parts and recycle the rest.

Our Way Is the Green Way

Used Holden Parts
If you have come to us, then you are probably aware of how battered cars affect the environment badly. So you will also be happy to know that our dismantling process is as green as it can be. We use the latest methods and machines to make sure that no harm comes to the environment during the whole process of dismantling or car wrecking in Perth.

Car wrecking is an important business that contributes to car manufacturers, steel mills, electronic companies and even chemical industries with the raw material that would normally consume a lot of their energy resources to extract. In fact, around 14 million tons of steel is sold to steel mills from scrapped cars every year. Also, around 85 million barrels of oil are also saved annually because of this provision of steel.

Western Metal Recycling Perth offers to help you get rid of the useless vehicle that you have parked at your house, left to deteriorate. We do not ask you to compromise on your convenience and make sure that you do not have to worry about how to get your car to us once you have chosen us.

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You can contact us now for any other queries that you may have, just call us at 0415 227 955.

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